What do you do if your spouse threatens to empty your bank accounts?

Whenever a couple is thinking about separating, the issue of how to divide the money is always contentious.  It is especially bad if one person wants the divorce/separation, but the other does not.  In some situations, one spouse threatens to empty the bank accounts or cut off support to the other spouse if they leave. … Read more

How do you decide who moves?

If you live in North Carolina and are thinking about divorce, you probably know that if you want a divorce, you have to separate from your spouse for at least a year.  Unfortunately, it’s the separating part that is tough.  Legally speaking, you could request a divorce from bed & board, or if there is … Read more

Is a Divorce from Bed and Board a Divorce?

I recently was asked whether you can get a divorce in North Carolina without going through the one-year waiting period if you can prove fault.  This is a great question, because I have to admit, when I first started studying for the NC bar, this was a stumper for me as well (and I have … Read more

What about the Health Insurance?

A common problem in many divorce cases, especially where only one spouse is employed, is the issue of health insurance.  In Florida, as soon as a Divorce Petition is filed, neither spouse is allowed to remove the other from their health insurance policy.  However, in North Carolina, there is no such limitation.  This poses a … Read more

New Information on NC Child Support

My goal in creating this Raleigh Divorce Lawyer website and blog is to give away as much information as I can to North Carolinian’s who are currently involved in a divorce, going through a legal separation, or just thinking about divorce or separation and want to learn more about their legal options. Today I posted … Read more

Do you need a custody evaluation?

Just attended a great presentation on Custody Evaluations by J. Albert Clyburn – a Wilmington Divorce Lawyer.  Some of the important notes that you need to consider if your attorney recommends a custody evaluation include: Does your case warrant a custody evaluation – Are you and your spouse on speaking terms?  Is there evidence of … Read more

Family Law Meetings – Day 1 in Charleston

It’s a packed house here in Charleston. Right now Michelle Reingold is doing a great job with the case law updates. UPDATE: Today was a great first day in Charleston.  I had blogged previously that I wasn’t sure about the presentation topics, but I felt that the speakers today were thorough, prepared, and overall, did … Read more

What if my spouse dies before our divorce is final?

It’s a difficult situation, to be sure, but it is a fact of life that your soon-to-be ex-spouse may conclude your divorce proceedings earlier than expected if they pass away while the divorce is pending.  It is not common, but what do you do if this happens to you? First of all, you have to … Read more