I received an inheritance and put it into a joint account with my spouse, can I keep it?

North Carolina Equitable Distribution laws are extremely complicated and confusing.  One of the most frequent questions I get involves the handling of an inheritance, financial gift, or lawsuit proceeds that one spouse receives during the marriage.  The question is simple, “Do I have to give half to my husband/wife?”  The answer is a little more … Read more

How to pay for two households after you separate

So you’ve decided to separate from your spouse, but you’re not sure how you can afford to pay for two households on the money that you and your spouse currently make.  Here are some ideas for how to be more frugal, but still live comfortably…  (Thanks to the Maine Divorce Law Blog for giving me … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #10: Avoid additional Debt of Major Purchases

One of the biggest mistakes I see divorcing couples make is piling on additional debt after they separate, thinking that their spouse is responsible for one-half of this new debt.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In North Carolina, the courts will look at the amount of debt you, as a couple, have incurred … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #6: Document and Safeguard your Property

This is the sixth in a series of tips I am publishing to help people who are considering separating from their spouse or divorce.  While I believe strongly in the collaborative divorce process, there are times where you must take steps to protect yourself.  This series is meant to help you protect your legal rights … Read more

What should you bring to your meeting with a Divorce Lawyer?

I often get asked about what documents or other information my clients should bring with them to their initial assessment with my office.  Some lawyers will tell their clients to bring “anything you thing would be helpful to help me understand your case,” although that is a pretty general statement, and doesn’t help the client. … Read more

What do you do if your spouse threatens to empty your bank accounts?

Whenever a couple is thinking about separating, the issue of how to divide the money is always contentious.  It is especially bad if one person wants the divorce/separation, but the other does not.  In some situations, one spouse threatens to empty the bank accounts or cut off support to the other spouse if they leave. … Read more

New Information on NC Child Support

My goal in creating this Raleigh Divorce Lawyer website and blog is to give away as much information as I can to North Carolinian’s who are currently involved in a divorce, going through a legal separation, or just thinking about divorce or separation and want to learn more about their legal options. Today I posted … Read more

Family Law Meetings – Day 1 in Charleston

It’s a packed house here in Charleston. Right now Michelle Reingold is doing a great job with the case law updates. UPDATE: Today was a great first day in Charleston.  I had blogged previously that I wasn’t sure about the presentation topics, but I felt that the speakers today were thorough, prepared, and overall, did … Read more