How to prepare for divorce tip #12: Keep a Diary

This is the second to last in a series of tips for individuals who are considering separating from their spouse, and ultimately, divorcing them.  Many of the steps that I have provided in this series are geared toward preparing you for litigating your case, but I need to stress that I believe strongly in keeping … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #11: Who moves?

Today’s divorce tip involves a commonly asked question, especially in North Carolina – Who moves?  I encourage all of my clients to at least consider the possibility of a collaborative divorce, and if you go that route, this is one of the many issues that can get worked out during the “four-way” meetings that are … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #10: Avoid additional Debt of Major Purchases

One of the biggest mistakes I see divorcing couples make is piling on additional debt after they separate, thinking that their spouse is responsible for one-half of this new debt.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In North Carolina, the courts will look at the amount of debt you, as a couple, have incurred … Read more

Additional Collaborative Divorce Lawyers I recommend

From time to time I meet with other Collaborative Divorce Attorneys that I recommend.  Why do I recommend my competition you might ask?  Because for starters – what goes around comes around.  Second, collaborative divorce is a new and emerging practice area, and frankly, there aren’t that many of us out there.  In order for … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #9: Credit Cards and Lines of Credit

This is the ninth in a series of tips about what you should do to prepare for a divorce or separation.  I believe strongly in the collaborative divorce process, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for the worst.  I was a boy scout, and our motto was “be prepared”.  If you are considering … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #8: Assess Your Financial Situation

This is Tip #8 of a series of articles on how to prepare yourself for divorce.  Today’s tip assumes that you already have been able to gather all of the financial statements for your marital accounts, and at least make copies of those statements.  Now, your job is to determine what to do with all … Read more

Why a Collaborative Divorce is right for you… and me.

One of the reasons many lawyers get a bad rap is the sense that they can’t be trusted.  You may think they are being nice to you, perhaps even showing some interest in you, but when you turn around they proceed to stab you in the back. I’ll freely admit that I have been burned … Read more