What about the Health Insurance?

A common problem in many divorce cases, especially where only one spouse is employed, is the issue of health insurance.  In Florida, as soon as a Divorce Petition is filed, neither spouse is allowed to remove the other from their health insurance policy.  However, in North Carolina, there is no such limitation.  This poses a … Read more

Family Law Meetings in Charleston

Tomorrow my wife and I are headed to the annual family law meeting for the North Carolina Bar. This year the event is being held in Charleston, South Carolina and the title of the event is “In the Trenches: Understanding and Preparing for Custody Litigation. I’m hoping I’ll learn something while I am there, but … Read more

New Information About Collaborative Law

I’ve recently posted a new section to my website about collaborative law.  Attorneys fall into two camps when it comes to collaborative law – those that think it is the best thing since sliced bread, and the old school litigators who think it is a waste of time.  I won’t go so far to say … Read more