How to prepare for divorce tip #8: Assess Your Financial Situation

This is Tip #8 of a series of articles on how to prepare yourself for divorce.  Today’s tip assumes that you already have been able to gather all of the financial statements for your marital accounts, and at least make copies of those statements.  Now, your job is to determine what to do with all … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #7: Establish Your Own Credit

Regardless of whether you choose to conduce a Collaborative Divorce or go the route of the courts, I would encourage anyone pursuing a separation or divorce to make sure they have some credit in their name.  I’ve had numerous clients come to see me over the years that don’t have access to credit cards, and … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #6: Document and Safeguard your Property

This is the sixth in a series of tips I am publishing to help people who are considering separating from their spouse or divorce.  While I believe strongly in the collaborative divorce process, there are times where you must take steps to protect yourself.  This series is meant to help you protect your legal rights … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #5: Prepare a Budget

Whether you are considering a Collaborative Divorce (which I recommend) or an “old school” divorce, which only really benefits the lawyers involved, I would strongly suggest that you start to develop your budget.  One of the great things about the Collaborative process is that this budget will be “forward looking” as opposed to “backward looking”.  … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #4: Photocopy all the financial records

Although I believe strongly that the collaborative process is the right approach for nearly all divorcing couples, I can understand that when you first begin thinking about divorce, the gut reaction is going to be to circle the wagons and get ready.  That is why I have included photocopying the financial records as tip #4.  … Read more

How to Prepare for divorce tip #3: Account for the Family Finances

In this third of a series of “How to Prepare for Divorce” Tips, I recommend that you begin gathering information about your families finances.  One of the primary functions of the divorce process is to make a division of the assets and debts of the marriage. In order to get a fair division, you must … Read more

How to Prepare for Divorce Tip #2: Have you considered Collaborative Divorce?

This is the second in a series of “How to Prepare for Divorce” tips that I will be publishing in the next week or two.  Today’s tip involves a discussion of collaborative divorce, and whether you have considered choosing this route over the more traditional (and expensive) process of using the courts to resolve your … Read more

How to Prepare for divorce tip #1: Find the right lawyer (Hint – consider a collaborative divorce lawyer)

This is the first of a series of tips that I will be posting on how to prepare yourself for separating from your spouse, and ultimately, finalizing your divorce.  Today’s tip focuses on finding the right lawyer for your case – and specifically considering a lawyer that focuses their practice on the collaborative divorce process. … Read more