12 Signs you might be headed for Divorce

This morning I found a list of 12 signs on MSN that indicate you might be headed for divorce… One spouse has acknowledged the problems in the marriage, and the other isn’t doing anything to help fix those problems; You aren’t spending any time with your spouse, and are actually happier when you are not … Read more

Divorce during the Holidays – What to do?

As we come upon the end of summer and the Labor Day weekend, it is important to make sure that you stay calm and collected during the weekend’s festivities.  Whether you are just thinking about the idea of separating from your spouse, your divorce is in its final stages, or you are somewhere in between … Read more

Some Great Tips to get you through a Divorce

I recently came across an article entitled “Seven Tips to Help You Get Through a Divorce“, written by Marvin Webster.  Although Mr. Webster does not appear to be a family law attorney, his first bit of advice is pretty dead on – to hire and listen to your divorce lawyer. Hiring a divorce lawyer is … Read more

Preparing for Divorce – The Final Tip: Be Good!

This is the last in a series of blog posts I have written during the past several weeks on how to prepare for divorce and separation.  Today’s tip focuses on the practical – be on your best behavior while going through the middle of a divorce.  Whether you are considering a collaborative divorce, or a … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #12: Keep a Diary

This is the second to last in a series of tips for individuals who are considering separating from their spouse, and ultimately, divorcing them.  Many of the steps that I have provided in this series are geared toward preparing you for litigating your case, but I need to stress that I believe strongly in keeping … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #11: Who moves?

Today’s divorce tip involves a commonly asked question, especially in North Carolina – Who moves?  I encourage all of my clients to at least consider the possibility of a collaborative divorce, and if you go that route, this is one of the many issues that can get worked out during the “four-way” meetings that are … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #10: Avoid additional Debt of Major Purchases

One of the biggest mistakes I see divorcing couples make is piling on additional debt after they separate, thinking that their spouse is responsible for one-half of this new debt.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In North Carolina, the courts will look at the amount of debt you, as a couple, have incurred … Read more

How to prepare for divorce tip #9: Credit Cards and Lines of Credit

This is the ninth in a series of tips about what you should do to prepare for a divorce or separation.  I believe strongly in the collaborative divorce process, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for the worst.  I was a boy scout, and our motto was “be prepared”.  If you are considering … Read more