Don’t Make This Huge Mistake Before Finalizing Your North Carolina Divorce

Divorce Mistakes in Cary, North Carolina

It is so important that you properly preserve your rights to spousal support and equitable distribution (specifically dividing up retirement accounts) BEFORE you finalize your divorce in North Carolina. That’s because in our state, the courts don’t look to see whether you have divided up your property or made arrangements for alimony before the divorce … Read more

How to Protect Inherited Assets from Your Spouse in the Event of a Divorce in North Carolina

Today wanted to share with you a quick video I put together on how to protect inherited assets from your spouse in the event you are going through a separation or divorce in North Carolina. Here is the video, followed by a transcript if you would rather read along. How to Protect Inherited Assets from … Read more

Why Can’t a Lawyer Represent Both Spouses in an Uncontested Divorce?

Today I shot a quick video to review why I can’t represent both spouses in a divorce situation – even if it is uncontested. Hey? Jim Hart here. I hope you’re doing well today from The Hart Law Firm. I thought I would do a quick video today this morning. I’m about to head out … Read more