Why I am better than LegalZoom

Earlier this week, I had a client ask me about using Legalzoom to prepare their divorce documents and separation agreement.  In my opinion, if you use Legalzoom you are getting what you pay for – and that is not much.  I just came across this post which discussed the downside of using Legalzoom, or any … Read more

Al Gore and Tipper to Separate after 40 years

This week Al and Tipper Gore made a shocking announcement – they were splitting up after 40 years of marriage.  This is particularly shocking because of the length of the marriage.  According to this article on CNN.com, most couples seek a divorce during the first two years of marriage when the “honeymoon period” ends, at … Read more

Yelling at your Spouse? If you live in France, you may want to think again!

Within the next six months, married as well as co-habitating couples, both men and women, could face a fine, restraining order, or even jail time if they throw insults at their partner.  Under this law, France will become the first country in the world to outlaw psychological violence in a marriage.  The complete story can … Read more